In your yard, your parking lot, your balcony, your roof, or anywhere in your home you wish to host an event, we know we can provide an excellent service.

When family and friends arrive, with CARNIVORE, you can have all the benefits of beautifully home-cooked meals with an array of colors and flavors without the stress, the early and exhausting prep work, and the overloaded fridge.​

Together, we can create custom menu that complements your event no matter the theme, from a lively barbeque, to an indulgent fish meal, to a tight-knit home dinner, and when your ready, we will deliver that perfect blend, impressing your loved ones and even yourself.

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Shabbat Meal Boxes

If you have an event you don't want for forget, you need the right food.

You have two options.. you can
Plan out your meal
Drive to the grocery store
Search for all your items
Stand in line
Drive back home
Unload the bags
Start cutting, thawing, and soaking
Cook all that food
Grab your phone
Call or message (407) 435-6395

Food Truck

My food truck is a specially designed experience with a variety of concept menus for a memorable occasion.

My food truck...
1. can reach any location
2. becomes a charming backdrop
3. brings something innovative, versatile, fresh, and young as it's the hottest trend in the food business
4. can be parked at private courtyards, festivals, businesses, or wherever you wish
5. is accessible and available
6. can be a valuable focal point for pictures