When love for food meets love for people.

Carnivore is a kosher meat caterer I established after years of cooking experience where I get to deliver high-quality food made passionately and with great attention to detail that will satiate all your carnivorous cravings.

I believe that when food is created with love and creativity, and then served with a smile, I can enjoyment from anyone who can see, feel, and eat.​

My name is Shai Shabtai, I'm married to Dor Shabtai and we have 4 wonderful children: Ori, Arel, Alona, and Elad. For as long as I can remember, I've been infatuated by the food, the flavors, and the colors, and after travelling around the world fueling that passion, I came to realize making good food was exactly what I wanted to do in life.​

After 10 years spellbound by cooking, I decided it's time I set up CARNIVORE- my "baby" where I can finally be the owner and the head chef.

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